International Independent Recognized Sovereign Neutral Nation and State

Theocracy Government located within the Recognized Sovereign and Treaty Boundaries located in the beautiful Mountains of the Blue Ridge and the Appalachian Mountains via treaties, and offshore foreign diplomatic offices and territorial boundary jurisdictions globally via 8a. & 8.b. international agreements
Southern Cherokee Nation and the Red Fire People, State of SCNRFP

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Offshore funding


State of SCNRFP's Offshore Funding Operations is approved and supported by a government to government international agreement, and it is located within foreign jurisdictional boundaries and sovereign offshore territories, located within ETMO under 8.a. international agreement and Sovereign Offshore territories under 8.b. international agreement.  Funding provided to the Hosting Member Nations of the United Nations. Tribal Governments is provided funding under the NNIA International Treaty and Convention.  This is a State-Owned (Government-Owned) Corporation of the State of SCNRFP POHS is for the purpose of Government to Government Affairs, Member Citizens, Peace and Good Will, Humanitarian, Social Needs, and Economic that benefit the Hosting Nations, Tribal Government, and Member Citizens.  

It is providing creative funding methods for the Advancement of Peace and Good Will through the Funding of Economic Development to create centers that will aid Social Needs and Humanitarian Missions, and for Self-Determination of our Nation and that of other Nations Globally (U.N. Nations and Tribal Nations), thus government to government in a good way. 

We feel creative funding methods (8.a. and 8.b.) are a far better way and beneficial than the same old banking thus high interest loans that provides only means to perpetuate more debit and welfare states which has proven to be a failure, by which most are imploding today. 

These creative funding methods provide much better outcomes for the current generation and the generations to come, while restoring systems long proven in times past, whereby family, community, self-determination, culture, tradition, beliefs, respect, pride, honor, and a way of life was important.  

Providing creative funding methods for individual needs of any of our member citizens in a good way.  We feel these creative funding methods are far better way and beneficial for our member citizens and with far more lasting impacts. 

We are providing other benefits to include but not limited to methods to backstops, instruments and otherwise. Methods of trading and monetizing. Methods to backing currencies and introducing new currency trade methods. Methods of below ground and above ground asset funding.  Methods to reduce importation costs. Methods to increase financial rating. Methods or increasing jobs. Methods of reducing budgets without reducing economic development and social needs. Methods to better the environment without additional cost or loss.  Offering a full spectrum of technologies, and much more.

If you have a need for creative funding methods and desire to discuss, please write to us to schedule a call together. Please provide your member citizen status of the State of SCNFP, or if a government please provide what government you represent, name and title. Please provide your complete contact information.  

In a Good Way

NOTE: We respect Basel Accords:




NOTE: For those desiring to become incorporating within the State of SCNRFP, please see Articles of Incorporation.  One must be or become one of the Member Citizen Categories listed on our Member Citizen Page, Complete a Member Citizen Form, Complete an Articles of Incorporation Form, Complete an NDNCA, Complete the Trust Account Forms. This is a offshore government non-profit "Friendly Society" not a retail bank, not open to the general public, rather for the purpose of only our member citizens and governments. 

POHS, a State of SCNRFP Government-Owned Company 

Primary Location: The State of SCNRFP ETMO, C/o Queen Elizabeth Highway and Michael’s Mount, St. John’s, Antigua,W.I.

Contact: info@pohsociety.com 


8. a. The Invite of SCNRFP ETMO by the Hosting Nation 01 JAN 2019 (docx)


8. b. ETMO to Hosting Nation and International Territory Agreement 2019 (pdf)