A Theocracy Government traditionally located within the Recognized Sovereign Jurisdictions and Sovereign Treaty Boundaries located in the beautiful Mountains of the Blue Ridge, Appalachian, and Great Smoky Mountains via treaties, and offshore foreign diplomatic offices located globally, and foreign territorial boundary jurisdictions located globally via 8a. & 8.b. international agreements.Any tribal government affairs have remained domestic capital and towns within our traditional treaty boundaries and homeland. Separately any affairs with regards to the State of SCNRFP is located geographically within a State of SCNRFP recognized foreign capital and foreign territories and foreign diplomatic offices.
Southern Cherokee Nation and the Red Fire People, State of SCNRFP

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The Southern Cherokee Nation and The Red Fire People, The State of SCNRFP

(Tsigamogi, Chicomogie, Chickamauga Cherokee, and Lower Cherokee)

A Theocracy Government Under the Ancient Order of the Priesthood